Wednesday, 8 October 2008

a month til now...

tis my day till the number increases in size,i'm so sure what i want,what i need!with my dress on the way of completion and applying finishing touches to the poster invite i'm drawing,all i want is presents!i love presents!!!and so these are a few of what i really want and to hold! Yone x Cheki Poloroid with fafi edges!!

then i wouldn't mind theses too!=)

OlympusM1 Larry ShapiroA

red/blue disco roller skates from Office!

Adidas top ten Hi [white/gold/purple] for £64.99

but much rather prefer these reeboks coz they iz hip! Reebok Freestyle High Punk [black/pink] for £54.99

but most of all i want these!!!!they really do wonders and u must be thinking why do i need straighteners when i already have straight away!?well i tell u,its coz my ends decide to flip in all sort of direction!yeash!!!

so buby,TAKE YOUR PICK!if u ever see this'll know what to get me!

i'm not really asking much am i?

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