Saturday, 13 December 2008

the best thngs comes 4free!

ah i should tend to come on here and update often as i have to upload whats on my mind and whereabouts have been!

well i finally recieved my Matterbox after waiting a week for it to come!yes its basically a box of freebies send to you through the post!

"Matter is a new way for companies to talk to you by giving you real, physical things you might like to keep, use or give to your friends."

i kid you not,it really is!i think it's a brilliant idea esp for companies that want to promote themselves!can't wait for the new year to receive my next suppliment....3B's!!!

also this week,thursday night,me and a coupla of my friend's went to an event that does this swap and you will gain new items concept!after goin' to a weird and wonderful party a coupla months back called Swap-a-rama it got me on a LLROK happened to organise this event!

the lady who owns the label is such a doll!i think she recognises me and Mich from before,so looks like we're gonna be regulars!we're also managed to make a feature in their website journal!wow i'm famous!and yes i really think LadyLuckrules!its so kitsch,cute and everything that i stand for..

this week in a minumum has been weird and strange,i've travelled to many places,tryin' to find if i fit in...realise some places i can't really push it,so f*** it!

Chromeo tonight!i cannot wait....get ready for some fancy foooooo....

Friday, 28 November 2008

hot showers,cold flushes

i never want to leave a hot shower.when i do,i'm sad!i could shower all day if i had to just to get that extra tip of warmth!almost fire-like!

taken from the film "Letter from an Unknown" 1948

now tell me this isn't a cheap date at all?(view 01:00) for all them men,don't even try!im use to it.

my long awaited WAIT has finally come to an end!i get to see the bubz after a month!and it's been so difficult but i guess a FAST of not seeing him has kept me on my feet.Tomorrow's viewing: Waltz With Bashir..

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Sunday, 2 November 2008

shopping in a new light =P

the westfield's mall has finally open!i love my new home..reading week commences,as wrinkles start to gather around for another year!

Thursday, 23 October 2008


somebody tame me!i DEMAND more hours from my supposedbly delightful experience working with Uniqlo.they trained us up,put all this disapline and for what?and im more disappointed that they had to let my newly founded spiritual chick Maria are u guys thinking about?bring her back!

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

alot has been anticipated...

anywhos i have been a emotional wreck..duly noted!but i ain't going to explain my actions but i'm going to stand my ground.i know this is going to sound selfish of me but i really want to get rid of the "tension" i get with certain individuals by not associating with them or i'll just in a even moany mode..

anyways i need to make a last stop collecting accessories and such to finish my birthday look!

shopping spree awaiting..9 days and counting!!!Westfield's here we go!!it is a women's h(e)aven!!and i can't wait to be part of it!

Monday, 13 October 2008

because i want to!

i cry because i can,i'm mad coz i want to!i'm even quiet because thats how i am.despite what mood i'm in it don't change me!!so whatever way you catch me the package is full a ball ful of emotional havoc!