Monday, 6 October 2008

i'm a maker a creator!

today on my day off,phew!or preassumingly i want to do that Marketing and PR module which would do nicely for me..i've decided to get my creative streak on and practice on my pattern cutting skills and make that frock i'm going to wear for my 25th birthday.why did i take on this venture?because i've always liked fashion and this piece is a one off.

the thing is with me i am a fan of one pieces or one off's because it's never duplicated or won't be seen anywhere and to add i have total control of how i'm making it without the other fashionista twats who probably change every single inch of the outfit!i have finished the initial final idea on how the dress will look.will put it on now im going off today to find the right fabric/print/material.also i think i have time to practice on some origami as i'm eager to create a small animation just for the hell of it...

my birthday plans are on its way..the sense of achieving tasks does indeed feel good!

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