Wednesday, 17 September 2008

o no he didn't!............its freaky

ok so i actually overthrew myself with a blab of updates..firstly i have been working on this doodly piece which i should be done by today!just to show what i'm made of..

right about now i am watching a new series co-created by the man i think is a genius. The show: Fringe!

nah not some new hairdressing reality show but the modern day frankenstein stint.with the familiar opening title (font & eerie music)u know its a JJ Abrams piece..i love him!not literally or i probably be in L.A somewhere relaxing on a relaxer sipping some cocktails *shakes back to reality*..but he's well the guy who did Cloverfield,Lost,Alias..

i dun wanna give too much away but if you love your sci fi, your pick of freaks...then check it out.oh and if u remember...esp for those who were a teenager like moi in the 90's,(i put it like that and i already sound vintage!) then Joshua Jackson yeh the dude who was from the Creek is in it too..and must say he is looking very rugged but in a oh so sexy way!

talking of freaks..just take a look at this,take your time,absorb your presense to the character:

the music has a literal meaning to the word freak,ah i feel like i must be havin a fetish for freaks which i must reassure i don't (refer back to last entry with "Egyptian Lover - Freak-a-holic").damn he be fine..yeh u guess it,the award winning Oscar winner who won for best actor in Ray. so this is how he started out..!no not as a drag altho flickin through the Wanda chronicles i wouldn't be surprised if he got away with it.

to this ---->

say what!?it ain't so..could it?

this isn't really know in the UK but he appeared in some sketch show called "In Living Color"...which also starred Jim Carrey and a few of the Wayan Bros,but OMFrikinGawd it's just too hilarious for words.its basically a parody of different entertainment figures which literally they twist it and make it a piss take! this is my favourite:

damn Foxx is done it again!...after seeing Dreamgirls i thought that did it for me but now i'm lost for words.

other than that my loves, i would like to say that i'm gettin my drawin' graffin' animatin' freak on!my next entry will englighten you with a magical soiree!

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