Sunday, 14 September 2008

golly walla bing bang boo..

so they say 3rd time is lucky,and so it is!

...or says it by the inevitable de la soul

i decided for the umpteeth time to create a blog,lets make it personal but more full on and crazier than the last!so this time round i decided to focus on how i'd spend my dayz in londontown and (all around)what i get up 2 from the very room i sleep in,ok not that personal but u get the jeezy!so imma lay it down the lines for u'z all,in the next months to come this will be the home (well cyber home) for u'z all to get a lil closer to moi...

so without further to cc, princess cc to y'all,that cool wid u?

i decided as of next weekend imma make my tracks to go down to Brighton and head for Red Mutha. i give my utmost bigup's to them (Emily) for creating such a unique collection of how i like to call kitsch clothing with a lotta hunk-a-junk!i say that in the most politest way!

For individuals who like to look like nobody else!!!!i would like to say i'm within that tis iz my mission to make my way to enter the shop till i drop and spot a good bargain.


why ffs imma go all the way down for that?coz i need a fix up in time for the bboy champs!all bling bang up'd!

damn its 7.06am in tha mornin'...i need to soon catch some z's fast!

today's vid/pic-a whoring:

damn he's a freak!!!!!egyptian lover:freak-a-holic circa.1986

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