Saturday, 13 December 2008

the best thngs comes 4free!

ah i should tend to come on here and update often as i have to upload whats on my mind and whereabouts have been!

well i finally recieved my Matterbox after waiting a week for it to come!yes its basically a box of freebies send to you through the post!

"Matter is a new way for companies to talk to you by giving you real, physical things you might like to keep, use or give to your friends."

i kid you not,it really is!i think it's a brilliant idea esp for companies that want to promote themselves!can't wait for the new year to receive my next suppliment....3B's!!!

also this week,thursday night,me and a coupla of my friend's went to an event that does this swap and you will gain new items concept!after goin' to a weird and wonderful party a coupla months back called Swap-a-rama it got me on a LLROK happened to organise this event!

the lady who owns the label is such a doll!i think she recognises me and Mich from before,so looks like we're gonna be regulars!we're also managed to make a feature in their website journal!wow i'm famous!and yes i really think LadyLuckrules!its so kitsch,cute and everything that i stand for..

this week in a minumum has been weird and strange,i've travelled to many places,tryin' to find if i fit in...realise some places i can't really push it,so f*** it!

Chromeo tonight!i cannot wait....get ready for some fancy foooooo....

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